Fine winemaking starts in the vineyards

Around the world, quality wines are assessed based on how they express the character of the soil they are planted in, a term known as “terroir.”

We truly believe that the highest quality fruit yields the highest quality wines. Therefore, we source our fruit from several vineyards in Taybeh and the neighboring regions of Birzeit and Aboud in order to showcase each terroir’s unique flavor profile and influence on varietal expression.

We owe the quality and uniqueness of our vine to the terroir’s specificity. Unique volcanic ash soils filled with pebbles, typical blazing heat in July and August, and an elevation of more than 850 meters above sea level contribute to a set of conditions like no other. Furthermore, there is a large diurnal temperature variation balanced by high humidity at night and dry weather during the day.

Our year-round skilled vineyard crew allows us to truly manage our vineyards “vine by vine.” In order for the grapes to achieve a healthy ripeness each year, we review and sometimes modify our winter pruning and watering strategies annually.