Our winemaking philosophy: create top quality wines of distinction

Taybeh Winery was founded for one simple reason – to bring truly exceptional wine to the Palestinian market and abroad. We are able to achieve this by partnering with the finest growers in Palestine in order to deliver high quality wines and the highest degree of service to our customers.

Taybeh Winery is a family owned business founded in July 2013 by the Khoury brothers, Nadim and David, and Nadim’s son Canaan Khoury. Following the success of the Khoury family in opening the only brewery in Palestine, Taybeh Brewing Company, Canaan was inspired to return to Palestine after finishing his studies in the United States to open the only boutique winery in Palestine.

Winemaking in Palestine can be traced back thousands of years. The ancient land of Canaan was one of the earliest regions to cultivate grapes for wine. Palestine was described to have a copious supply of wine such that ‘wine is more abundant than water’.

In the 1980’s, Phylloxera affected many areas of Palestine and destroyed half of the existing plants. An area in Taybeh called “El-Enbaat” was completely wiped out. Taybeh Winery has planted vineyards in that historical area.

We invite you to enjoy the Taybeh experience

The twenty-minute drive from Ramallah or from Jerusalem rewards visitors with a stunning view of hundreds of years old olive groves and verdant vineyards on the skyline of Taybeh. Our simple yet charming tasting room allows visitors to taste our latest vintages while having the opportunity to chat with our knowledgeable staff. There is also a modest shopping room where visitors can purchase our wines and other local products from Taybeh. The Khoury family has reason to be pleased with the combination of restoration and innovation, of form and function, and hopes each visitor leaves with a warmer and better understanding of winemaking.